It’s not just a catch phrase…it’s a way of life.  It’s a mindset.  Continuous improvement is, by definition, a never-ending journey.  But despite what others may have told you or your own current beliefs, growing as a human being does not have to be painful.

The old adage, “no pain, no gain”, is outdated and covered in cobwebs.  I am here to debunk that myth as well as show you how to tackle difficult yet achievable goals related to self-improvement.

Upgrading your body “temple”

Only recently did I even begin to learn about the mind/body connection.  But it quickly became quite evident that this symbiotic relationship was one of the most important “secrets” of enhancing either the body or the mind.  To truly get the most out of either, we simply can not ignore the other.

For nearly fifteen years I have been studying, applying, and optimizing the latest research in the fitness & nutrition realm.  I have been striving to not only improve my own physique, but also the holistic approach and specific techniques that got me to where I am today.

And now I want to share this approach with you, so that you can benefit from a very significant “head start”.  After all, why waste your time trying to uncover the most effective strategies from diverse and often misleading sources, when you can find them all in one place right here?

As if one-stop shopping wasn’t enough, I am going to provide all of my knowledge to you for the ridiculously low cost of free.  Yepp, that’s right – I am not interested in earning a single red cent from the dissemination of this information.

I am simply here to add as much value as I can, pay it forward, and help as many people as possible.

Mind OVER matter (AKA MoM?!?)

This was actually the working title for this site and my entire “platform” until I realized that no one would be caught dead at the gym wearing a shirt that said, “MoM” on it.  Despite the unfortunate acronym created by these words, mind over matter is an undeniable truism that once understood, will literally change your life.

If you don’t believe me just yet, that’s fine.  But do me (but really yourself) a favor – stick around for a while and try not to immediately dismiss the concept at face value.  If you give some of the suggestions on this site a fighting chance, you just might learn something new about who you really are.

At a bare minimum, you’ll look better naked 😉