My Very First Pivot

Welcome back, friends!

I have exciting news to share with you: effective immediately, I am officially making my first real-life pivot (my business school professors would be so proud)!

But fear not faithful reader, ‘I will Show You How to Grow’ won’t be going anywhere, nor do I plan to stop writing about subjects related to personal development, happiness, and growth.

However, you will begin to notice a shift in the nature of the topics as we expand our focus to encompass not just intangible growth, but also real, physical improvements as well.

The achievement of optimal health requires a proper balance between mind, body, and soul.

Therefore, future content will include all things health related, including but not limited to: fitness, nutrition, supplementation, and recovery.  And of course, this will continue to evolve based on your feedback as well as my own personal growth journey.

The bottom line is that I am pledging to you, the reader (and myself as well) that I will focus my efforts and attention on the areas where I can add the most value.  That has and will continue to be my number one priority, and the main reason for this site’s continued existence.

‘The Pivot’ Defined

Pivoting is something that happens in various areas of life, from basketball to brand building.  But one of the most common uses of the word comes from the startup/entrepreneurial community.  In that context, to pivot is to change one or more fundamental aspects of a venture, usually as a result of information that has subsequently been ascertained.

Let’s look at a stylized example to help illustrate:

Susie, the owner of Susie’s Sugar Shop (an ice cream store) has decided to pivot and sell froyo (AKA frozen yogurt) instead of ice cream, as a result of changing consumer preferences.  If, sometime later froyo becomes passé or declines in popularity, Susie may decide to pivot a second time and sell coffee.  Alternatively, she could even decide to sell something entirely unrelated, like textbooks.

This is clearly just a silly example but pivoting is something that happens quite often.  In fact, sometimes the best ideas or ventures are the result of a successful pivot.  Twitter, Nokia, and Instagram are just a few well known brands that started out with entirely different business models; with the luxury of hindsight 20/20 on our side, we can see that the decision to pivot worked out well for each of them.

Unlike Susie’s Sugar Shop however, I promise that I will not be trying to sell you hot beverages OR Froyo going forward.

Following my Passion

When I first started IWS, I did so for a handful or reasons.  Front and center was the desire to ‘pay it forward’.  I really wanted to deliver significant value to as many people as possible, just like so many others have already done for me.

As I dove deeper within myself and continued to learn more and more about the personal development space, I realized that I am certainly no expert.  But when it comes to living our best life, does anyone really know it all?  Clearly the answer is a resounding NO.

Therefore I will continue to explore this space with future posts and potentially even some related products further down the line.

At the same time, I am going to immediately begin writing about subjects that I am an expert on – these include fitness, nutrition, supplementation, and recovery.  I will still write posts similar to what you’ll find on IWS today, but you will also notice the addition of some new and exciting content.

My goal is that you’ll stick with me through this transition, regardless of your passion.  I promise to continue providing information that will be valuable to anyone who wants to grow – physically, mentally, OR spiritually.

I’ll also continue sharing my own growth journey with you, across all areas of my life.

Introducing Premium Content & the VIP Community

In addition to the expanded subject matter, we are excited to unveil brand new, premium content in the form of a recurring newsletter.  Sign up here to be one of the first members of this exclusive new community:

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By joining our mailing list and VIP community, you will automatically receive our “members only” email which contains tips & advice, breaking news, and the opportunity to learn about and sign up for the latest product offerings from IWS before they become available to non-subscribers.

Additionally, VIP subscribers will receive a discount on all new products AND if that was not enough incentive, you will also be automatically entered into our monthly book drawing, where we’ll be giving one lucky winner a brand new copy of a book from one of our favorite authors.

A Sneak Peak of What’s Next

Hopefully by now you’re as excited by all this as I am.

I know that by focusing on my real areas of expertise but not abandoning the original goal of this site, I’ll be able to exponentially increase the value provided to all readers.  Another benefit of this shift is that it will help to refocus the content in order to attract the most appropriate audience – individuals who are interested in literally improving every area of their life.

From physical fitness and endurance to mindfulness and meditation, IWS will have something for everyone who’s serious about growth.  Speaking of which, not only does the new content blend nicely with the old, but I don’t even need to change the name (and subsequently the domain either, thank God).

Help Me to Continue Helping You

If you think that what I’m doing is pretty cool, or you’ve found some value in the articles on this site, then I would sincerely ask for your help.  Hosting a blog isn’t cheap and there are pretty substantial costs I’m incurring each month to be able to continue bringing you this free content.

If you do feel inclined to help me financially, I will be forever grateful and indebted to you.  Simply click the ‘Donate’ button on the right side bar to support IWS and help minimize the losses we are currently incurring each month.

Even if money is tight and/or you haven’t found enough value yet to justify supporting us financially, no worries; there are plenty of ways you can show us your support, completely for free:

  • First and foremost, if you haven’t already done so, please join our brand new VIP community by entering your information in the form up above.  By doing so, you will receive invaluable information only available to VIP’s, conveniently delivered right to your inbox.  In addition you will be automatically entered for our monthly giveaway’s, and we’ll also just reallllly like you.
  • Hook a brother (or sister) up! Share this site or our newsletter with friends and family who might also benefit.  For your convenience we have included various social media buttons below…
  • Pray for us and the success of this site; I can promise that I will keep you in my heart and my mind for the foreseeable future.  I sincerely love and appreciate every single person who takes the time to stop by and read the words that I’ve written.

That’s all for now, folks.

Sending you peace, love, happiness, and POSITIVE GROWTH!

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